Compare the efficiency of your current plow to the BLIZZARD POWER PLOW® and SPEEDWING

Your Current Plow

Plow Width

Average Plowing Time (Minutes)



Estimated POWER PLOW Plowing Time
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Estimated SPEEDWING Plowing Time
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The above listed time savings are calculated using mathematical formulas that compute snow carrying capacities based on plow type, blade width and blade height. Actual time savings and efficiency gains reported by POWER PLOW snow plow owners generally exceed those listed above. Your actual results may vary.

Performance Calculations Blade Assumptions:
  1. The snow material has the same physical properties, i.e. density, shear modulus, etc.
  2. The snow depth is uniform throughout the plowing area.
  3. The vehicle speed is constant.
  4. The hydraulic speed functions are the same for all plows.
  5. The spill off in the windrow configuration for a straight blade type plow is significant compared to all other blade types.

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