Parts, Service & Maintenance


Access our extensive BLIZZARD Service Library for owners manuals, parts installation guides, Material Safety Data Sheets and other reference materials, in easy-to-download printable PDF formats.


The best way to assure original equipment reliability and efficiency is to purchase only genuine, Factory-Tough BLIZZARD parts and accessories for your BLIZZARD snowplows and spreaders.

Maintenance Toolbox
Our Maintenance Toolbox was designed and developed to help our loyal BLIZZARD® customers by increasing the longevity of your snowplow(s) through proper preventive maintenance and storage procedures. Each video in this toolbox will walk you through these important maintenance and storage procedures to ensure your BLIZZARD snowplow is the most reliable, durable and efficient snow and ice management product on the market.

Power Match
  • To Start Power Match, click “Start Power Match” below.
  • Select your vehicle manufacturer, model, and year.
  • Select any additional model information for your vehicle. (4×4, 2×4, etc.)
  • Make selection of available snow plow blade types (straight blade, hinged blade, etc.) from the drop down box.
  • Your Power Match selection is complete, you can now save your selection data by clicking “Save” in the right hand column.