SPEEDWING Technology Thinks for Itself

The BLIZZARD® SPEEDWING blade thinks for itself with wings that automatically angle forward or back, based on blade position, to maximize plowing efficiency. A BLIZZARD SPEEDWING snow plow is the cost-effective multi-position snow plow that’s as easy to use as a straight-blade.

SPEEDWING Product Video
SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System video
Scoop Position
Continuous-Welded Moldboard
Torque Box Construction
Reinforcement Ribs
Heavy-Duty Coil Springs
Shielded Hydraulic Components
POWERCOAT Baked-On Powder Coat Finish
POWER HITCH™ Attachment System video
Power Grip Hand-Held Control
STORM SEEKER™ Headlamps video
SPEEDWING Features & Benefits Spot
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Model Blade Width Blade Height Blade Gauge Trip Springs Reinforcement Ribs Plowing Width (Full angle) Approx. Weight (Less Mount) Blade Shoes (adjustable) Cutting Edge Hitch System Vehicle
760SW 7' 7" 25½" 12 3 Extension 4 Vertical 6' 7" 596 lb. Cast Steel 3/8" x 6" POWER HITCH™ 4x4 pickup trucks
3/4 ton
8600SW 8' 7" 29½" 12 4 Extension 4 Vertical 7' 10" 880 lb. Cast Steel 1/2" x 6" POWER HITCH™ 2 4x4 pickup trucks
3/4 & 1 ton

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